Abbie Rose

The flock matriarch, and the foundation of our flock. She passed away at a ripe old age of 12, and was the Leadersheep to that very day. Raising her daughters, Bunnie, Christy Anne, and Daisy Mae, was her favorite thing, besides getting out of every weak fence. She loved getting hand sheared, and would hold still in the yard with no ties. (She thought it was spa day!) 

Our Matriarch Mothers

​Cow Paddy


She doesn't look like it, but this ole girl is the very foundation of our beef bloodlines today. She suffered many hardships before she became mine. We guessed her to be 7 years old at that time. She lived to the very ripe age of 17. We also guessed her to be a Holstein/Aryshire cross, which made her the perfect mother for my Dutch Belted dream. Her first Belted daughter, Gerrie, was an amazing milk cow, and an even better mother. Gerrie, then had a jersey calf, Addy. And Addy was the perfect beef cow. After having to sell the dairy in 2015, we were only able to keep Addy's only daughter, Cow Paddy. Who is currently the beef herd mother and beginning of our Registered Dutch Belted line.




She has been our Leadersheep for the last few years,

and finally after many tries gave us a beautiful, smart, daughter, Belle. 

Sadly, she passed away this Spring. In her life she won multiple awards for her fleece and fiber products. She was always center of attention during tours and was always standing beside my children. (She even helped Steven and Sarah walk around the farm as babies.) She was my first lamb, and she had my heart. No sheep was closer to being a dog then dear Bunnie.