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To build a lifestyle teaching integrity, faith and respect, to our children, provide quality PA Preferred products, and work with individuals that create their own products and help market for them, and enjoy all the benefits that hard work, family, and God can bless us with.

        Hello, and Welcome! We can't wait to share our story and hopefully make you a part of it!

        SB Wolfe Farms LLC is a lifelong dream coming to blossom in the beautiful fertile farm ground in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Steven, Billie, and children, Steven James Jr., (4), Sarah Evelyn, (2), and John Malcolm, (8 Months) live on a 90 acre farm in Northwestern, PA, 4 miles from the Ohio line. With a love driven for teaching our children, we are creating a farm eco-system that not only co exists with multiple species, but thrives from it's counterparts! What started as a dairy in 2013, has grown and adapted to a Multi-Species Homestead with so much promise that we can't wait to see how we are going to grow today!
Steven, works full time as a mechanic for Union Pacific Railroad, traveling from Chicago to California. On his off days he farms and is a third generation, with knowledge coming from his father, Jim Wolfe, who did crops and livestock, and spent long summers produce farming with his father and Grandparents, John and Jenny Wolfe. 
Billie is a Stay-At-Home mom, and farmer, with over 17 years of Animal Livestock Farming and Agriculture Education and 12 years of Fiber Experience. Billie also apprenticed as a alpaca fiber spinning judge for 3 years. The love for fiber has never died and through all life events there was always a spinning wheel, sheep named, Bunnie and Jersey cow, Clarice, present. 
Steven and Billie were married in May 2013 and started SB Wolfe Farms.
That following December, along with Billie's custom fiber processing she was asked to make Laundry Dryer Balls for Christmas presents. In five years the demand has only grown. from 30 dryer balls a season to 30 dryer balls a day! And now, this Spring sees us with a whole new space completely dedicated to making quality Laundry Dryer Balls! We are now bigger then the flock we have of 15 Icelandic, Merino, Romney, Corridale, and Dorset sheep, but our wool is locally sourced and we are dedicated to our local economy.  Nothing but 100% Wool, "From Ewe, to You"!