Our flock is a careful selection of heritage breed and meat genetics. Wanting vibrant healthy lambs and sound confident mothers is our number one goal. Our foundation ewes are 3/4 Icelandic/1/4 Merino. Year One we had Lambert, a Shetland/Icelandic ram. Year Two, Prince, a Black Romney Cross. Year Three, Prince stayed in his flock with his son, Bing, helping with the remaining ewes with unrelated genetics. We are now on our 4th season with our herd sire, Lambo, a Corridale/Merino Cross.

Our Season is late this year with projected due dates starting March 15th. We have 10 seasoned moms with the addition of 4 yearling ewe lambs. Not all the ewes will be pregnant, but with lots of love and herd health a top priority we pray for a sound season. 

Lambing will primarly take place in the barn so that mom and lambs have easy access to water and hay. After 3 days and Lambs show signs of staying with mom they will be let out on pasture, where they will nurse mom and learn to graze for 3 months. At 3 months they will be moved to a separate pasture and finish grazing grass and coming to the barn for hay at night until they are 5 months. At 5 months they are full grown. Attitude, fleece character traits, body conformation and over all health will be looked over. At this point the next generation of ewes will be put back in the main flock with their Aunts and Moms. The remaining will finish on solely grass. Lamb is considered under a year old in age. Mutton is over a year and has a much stronger flavor. We are currently only having lamb available. 

We are so proud of our Grass Fed Meats! Let me tell you all about it!

Grass Fed Beef 

Grass Fed Lamb

Our Mommas are Holsteins, Jerseys and Heritage Dutch Belted bovine with the training of many years of being strictly grass based. They work in the sunshine and elements year round, even raising their calves to do the same! They have their babies while on pasture and nurse them for 3 months. They grow free range grazing for 2 years and we proudly can say they finish on grass. We reserve the right to feed corn if need arises because of our brood moms needing extra calories to maintain health of them selves and babies.

        Our flavor is second to none, and we are so excited to see our product availability grow to now two locations!            

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