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Meet our Fiber "Super Heroes" and the "Cow-Girls and Boys"!

See the behind the scenes of the Fiber Production, Processing, and Grass-Fed Lamb and Beef.

Our Story

Bookamer Family Farm, (Billie's Home Farm) has long been a working hand in Agriculture Education. Now with the children grown it has evolved and with that, the addition of All Organic, Wild Harvested Teas!

The Herd and flock

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Wild Harvested Teas

We have a wide range of wool, alpaca and hand crocheted products, and our Prize winning handspun and professional yarns! 

Welcome to our world. We hope you find something of interest, something you didn't know, and something to make you smile. Take a look around and feel free to ask any questions. We are a young business and are always looking for input from future customers and friends! Enjoy your visit and we hope you enjoy your day!

The Circle Continues......
Settled in the fertile fields west of Greenville, Pa, this established farm has become the root of two long time dreams..... One of Farm..... And One of Family!

Welcome to the Farm.......

Take a look and enjoy the view of our Farm

It all begins with Faith, Hope, and a country farm. Our story starts with a Hundred Acres, Each Other, Cows and a few Chickens.